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Life was meant to be an adventure and you only get one shot so make it count!

We got started on planning adventures and taking friends with us in 2013 and have been exploring high mountains, deep oceans, long roads, old civilizations, amazing cuisines, fine wines and all the while making great new friends around the globe!

We are part of a global community that seeks adventure and infuse more life into our lives! With the leverage of a vast number of members, we are able to acquire exceptional deals to help you afford to check off more from your Bucket List. 

However, you need not be a Member to join us on an adventure! Granted, you will receive more benefits and better deals if you ARE a Member, but we welcome you either way. You need only bring your sprit for adventure, and then you are qualified! 

We have thousands of great adventures available each year! And while we only feature a few here on our NonMember website, once you become a Member, a whole new world awaits you!

Our Adventure Community is like family! We want everyone to have an absolutely awesome time on their adventures so we strive to attract Members who are like-minded, honest, ethical, and fun!!!

If you would like to join us, you will need to be invited by a friend. This keeps the riff raff out (ha LOL). You are welcome to meet us at a local gathering and make some new friends, and who knows, maybe you'll be invited to join us! We hope you will be.

Once you are accepted as "one of our own", you'll learn that our Membership Plans are designed to be amazingly affordable. In fact, we have ways for you to earn your Membership as well as to earn your adventures so your budget 

will not stand in the way of your desire to explore the world!


We offer a variety of Adventures for every type of person:

• FilmCations - make a short film while on your vacation!
• PhotoTours

• Singles Trips
• Romantic Honeymoon Vacations
• Family Trips

• Educational Trips

• Humanitarian & VolunTours
• Fitness Advenutres

• Spiritual Adventures

• Local Events

• Cruises

• Resort TakeOvers

• Dining Adventures

...and more!

So come on aboard! Set sail for adventure! What's on YOUR BucketList?

- Cap'n Eddie

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